What do we do?

We consult, design and processing apparel backpack, briefcase, bags of all kinds, especially in garment products, embroidered logo as gifts for advertising. Create a durable and beautiful products, appropriate to promote the brand to individuals or businesses.

And depending on the type of product, quantity and standards, we will take the appropriate price corresponding to each product and intended use of the customer.

Why choose our services?

Because we are committed to bring the best value to the product or business projects of the customer in accordance with policy 3:


We comply with what was agreed upon and the conclusion of the design requirements, product standards and delivery schedule, there is also the criteria and our reputation.


We have a team of dedicated staff, hard work, skilled, experienced many years in the garment industry backpack, bag.
Besides, the production process, machinery and specialized equipment and processing base of skilled satellites, we are fully confident of our products by forming.


Accompanying we are the suppliers of materials, the printshop, professional embroidery. All working together for quality product at unbeatable prices for the choice of the customer.

Some sample of the projects we have done. To see more fully, invites you click to learn more



Please contact us if you are looking for partners in the garment processing orders backpack, briefcase, handbag or brand advertising on gift products.


218 Nguyen Truong To st, Tan Thanh ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tel.: 08 38 494 568 – Fax: 08 38 427 736
Email: bichanhvn@vnn.vn