1. Get ideas from customers

You just need to give us the original form (actual sample), sample images, designs or specifications that you need.

Original sample (Sample truth)

Sample Images


2. Advice and quotations on request Product

Based on the information content of the customer, we will advise on design, materials, sizes, colors, the usability of the products …, and send quotation in line with standards, the amount and price at which you are interested.

Consulting with customers about materials, product design

3. Design and sewing patterns

When you agree with all the relevant details in Step 2, we will outline the design and sewing pattern to feel real to each of the product lines compared with the ideas mentioned.
In this period, you can change, addition or edit pattern, all our requests were recorded and if necessary can sewn new forms required.



Sewing sample

4. Deploying manufactured under orders

Immediately after you sign the order confirmation / contract, we will conduct the same garment 2 samples (called samples). Guests signing and hold a test pattern basis consignee.
We will start mass production of standard pattern. Delivery time is counted from the date of receipt of deposit and as agreed between the two parties.

Cutting fabric


Check goods

5. Delivery – Product Warranty

After completion of the order, we can deliver at the warehouse or at the location you specified.
In the course of use, if detected defective product caused by production techniques, please notice, we will immediately take back their goods for inspection, repair or replacement of new products.



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